About Malcolm


Hello! I'm Malcolm, a Machine Learning scientist and engineer who adores Functional Programming.

I am passionate about using computers to harness value from data. I see a rich present, and future, filed with ubiquitous electronic devices generating reams of data. Through the noise of billions of devices, logs, database entries, I seek to find the signal: the actionable insights, the predictive decision surface in a reach feature space, the true value of the big data proposition. 

Professionally, I tend to work on supervised and semi-supervised learning problems. I have worked on successful projects in the Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Search Relevance, and Information Extraction domains. I am always interested in new opportunities, to work on exciting problems in new domains.

I have extensive Software Engineering experience in Scala, Java, and Python. To a lesser degree, I have experience in Go, MATLAB/Octave, SQL, R, and C. In general, I'm quite curious in exploring new programming languages that are firmly embedded in the Functional Programming paradigm.